A music blog, reviews and comment from an overly opiniated 26 year old London bloke

About May 21, 2009

Gloamsticks is a music blog, written by me, Ian McKee.

The name is supposed to represent my schizophrenic music taste. The music I listen too and will be writing about does not fit to one genre, I like anything and intend this blog to champion anything I feel needs championing. As I’d rather not split my music taste into genres, I’m going to split it into two moods – sincere/serious/downbeat/melancholy Vs happy/upbeat

The ‘gloam’ comes from Radiohead’s ‘The Gloaming’ (though I won’t be championing them, I think there are enough people doing that). The song is very sincere and downbeat, and Radiohead are generally considered a sincere band, so this sort of fits.

The ‘sticks’ is as in glowsticks. The very embodiment of upbeat music in fluorescent physical form.

So there we have it, I will be blogging about music that fits into these two categories. I may be blogging about things within the subject of music that makes me feel akin to either of these two categories.

For some background on me, I don’t work in the music industry. I do play music in a band, which will always give me a perspective, but I do not intend to write about my band. This is not vehicle for self promotion (at least not self promotion of my music).

I am 25, live in London, love music and like writing. Guess you can see why it would make sense for me to write a music blog…


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